Bookmarks of useful resources on the web

List of useful stuffs I've stump on, update sometimes.

Posted August 17, 2023 by quy-le ‐ 1 min read

Country code checking using Cantor Pairing

An over engineered but very efficient way to check country code (2ns/check).

Posted June 13, 2022 by quy-le ‐ 12 min read


Everything you need to know about go:linkname directive.

Posted February 22, 2022 by quy-le ‐ 12 min read

Kubectl Exec Flags

What exactly does the -t and -i flags in kubectl exec means?

Posted August 15, 2021 by quy-le ‐ 5 min read

Understanding Mgo Session

Understand how the underlying socket of mgo session can be acquired and best practices.

Posted June 8, 2021 by quy-le ‐ 27 min read